Organizational Assessments

OLA 360◦

OLA 360

The OLA360°** is a web-based review tool that facilitates anonymous, multi-angle performance assessment of both individuals and organizations.  Individuals can be reviewed from the perspective of self, manager, coworkers, customers and direct reports. These reviews provide concrete, results-based feedback and encourages open interaction and communication – driving strategies for personal and professional improvement for everyone in your organization.


OLA360°** Key Themes and Values

1 ) Building a Healthy organization:  Building individual and group capacity                     

  • Displays authenticity
  • Values people
  • Builds community
  • Provides leadership
  • Shares leadership

2) Building a Learning organization:  Building individual and group skills              

  • Develops people
  • Seeks personal and professional
  • Innovates and displays creativity
  • Solves problems through
    effective decision making and
    involving others in the process.
  • Deals effectively with conflict

3) Building a Growing organization: Fulfilling individual and group potential

  • Plans and implements work
  • Fully utilizes technical
  • Achieves meaningful results
  • Meets or exceeds customer

**These assessments are implemented in cooperation with Dr. Jim Laub, the OLAgroup and InterDyn BMI.